Apple Productivity Apps!

I have compiled a list of FREE Apple Apps for productivity that I, myself use.

Bills and Account Manager
created by Manilla LLC
This app makes it easy to keep track of your bills and payments as well as your bank account.
Some features the app advertises:
-Supports more than 3,000 account providers.
– Sends a text or Email when bills are due.
– Free online document storage
-Print, download and email.
Compatible with iOS 5.1 or later on iPhones, IPads and IPod touches.

Errands To-Do List
Created by Yoctoville
Keep all of your errands, grocery and to-do list in one place.
– Alarms

Compatible with iOS 4.0 or later on IPhone, IPad and IPod touch.

My personal Favorite:
Cozi Family Calendar
created by Cozi
This app allows you to create a family account, password protected and color-coded by family member.
It has a calendar, family journal, shopping list and to-do list.
It’s completely customizable!!!
Here’s ours 🙂


A few others that I use frequently are:
Betty Crocker cook book- for easy recipes.
Similac Baby Journal: to keep track of my child’s growth, feeding and sleeping.
Card Mobili: it keeps all of my customer cards in one place (Sams Club, Kroger, Speedy Rewards, etc…)


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