Nursery/ Kids Room

This page has all the how-to’s to keep your kids rooms as ‘clean’ as possible.
We can all agree that it’s a useless feat but who says we can’t try? 🙂

DIY: Diaper Boxes Turned Hide-Away Toy Boxes

I have a 10 month old and these big diaper boxes are always coming and going so I thought, ‘Why not use them for something?’
He’s at that age where he has a lot of toys so a Toy Box it is!!!
The best part is They fit under his crib!

Step One: Cut the top flaps off of your box. It doesn’t have to be perfect because you’ll be covering it.
(Jameson decided to help with this so you’ll see his little feet in pictures lol.)


Step 2: Use an old blanket or extra material left over from another project (you need about 1/2 a yard of material) to cover the box…

Use the extra material on the sides to tie knots…


Step 3:Fill it with TOYS! Then store it under a bed/crib or on a shelf.



Ta-Da! That was easy, right?


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